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Air duct cleaning

Having a professional air duct cleaning every 3-5 years will help reduce the indoor air pollutants that are being blown around your home each time the furnace comes on.  As the same air is constantly being pulled into the cold air return, through your furnace filter, into the furnace then fed back through your vents, it picks up micro contaminants that we all breath in.

Air duct cleaning


How to clean air ducts

How to clean air ducts

Although there are many ways to clean air ducts, we have chosen to use a combination of brushes, rods, whips, vacuum suction and air pressure to thoroughly remove the debris that lurks deep within the system.

Cover vent

We first cover all the vents with magnetic vent covers.  This contains the dust and makes sure it doesn’t become airborne during the cleaning process.

Air duct cleaning vacuum

We setup our industrial vacuum to the supply duct and return duct separately.  This creates suction in the trunk line as well as each branch that leads to each vent.

Cleaning out vents

Once the vacuum is on, creating a negative air pressure within the system, we thoroughly clean out each vent with compressed air.  This pushes the dirt and debris that has accumulated in the vent and branch line down into the main trunk line.  A disinfectant is applied to each vent during this process.

Agitating the ducting

Now that each vent and branch line are cleaned out, we concentrate on the main trunk line.  Different agitation attachments are used to loosen and remove debris along the duct walls, which is taken away by the vacuum.

Cold air return cleaning

We then repeat the same process on the return ducting.  This is where most of the dust is found.  Having the return ducting cleaned out will reduce the amount of dust that comes in contact with your furnace filter.  A clean filter keeps the air that enters your furnace and supply vents free of pollutants.

Clean dust from furnace

Our next focus is behind the furnace cover where a lot of loose dust gathers.  We pay special attention to the furnace blower which can have large amount of dust in the fan blades.

Seal hole

We patch the holes using sheet metal squares, aluminum foil tape and screws.  This makes an air tight seal and can be used for the next air duct cleaning.

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