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Do I really need my air ducts cleaned?

The main purpose of getting your air ducts cleaned is for indoor air quality.  If the system is dirty, your indoor air quality will suffer.  Don’t believe it?  Try this test: Purchase some filters that you can insert into your supply vents (you can get them in the same aisle where you buy furnace filters).  Inset them and pull them out after a month and look at the color difference. vent cover

How long does it take for the cleaning?

Time is important to everyone and an air duct cleaning shouldn’t interrupt your busy life. Giving an exact time is difficult to say since each house is unique but we can say the average 2400 sq ft home will take us between 2 and 3 hours.

How often should I get my air duct cleaned?
Each house is different and will accumulate different amounts of dust.  A lot of the dust that enters your ducting comes from outside through open windows and each time you open the door.  This air will be pulled into your cold air return and fed through your furnace, back through your supply vents and into the air. We encourage you to have a professional cleaning every 3 years to ensure the best indoor air quality possible.  Make sure to check on your furnace filter every month and change it before it is dirty.
What kind of cleaning process do you use?
You can see our process here Sterling Air Duct Cleaning.
Will this remove cigerette smoke or other odors
Maybe you’ve moved into a house that has been smoked in.  Each time the furnace comes on all you can smell cigarette smoke.  A regular cleaning will remove the dirt, dust and debris but will not address the smoke odor.  The solution to this problem is a “fogging” treatment.  A fogging machine will produce a very fine mist that is pulled into each vent, coating the walls of the ducting with a cleaning solution.  This breaks down the smoke odor resulting in clean fresh air. Fogger
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